Welcome to YOUR New REALITY!

Welcome to YOUR New REALITY!

I was so EXCITED when I received this email from Lori because it made me REALIZE that ALL HUMANTIY has now had their 12 DNA STRANDS connected on January 1st, 2018, and now each one of us has the ability to take MAJOR steps in the development of our CONSCIOUSNESS!…ARE YOU READY to TRANSFORM????!!! 😀 Have you FELT DIFFERENT since the NEW YEAR? Have YOU experienced DIZZINESS, or other SENTIVITIES that were not there last year? Then those are CLUES that YOU are transforming on a CONSCIOUS and spiritual level! All you need to do now is to UNDERSTAND it, BELIEVE it, and CHOOSE to FEEL and WALK in your new DIVINE REALITY! 😀


Welcome to Your New Reality ~ The 5D New Earth ~ Gaia
By Lori Spagna

Welcome to 2018! Humanity has now moved into an entirely NEW reality which IS entirely based on energy, vibration, consciousness and free will.

Earth has undergone a complete energetic reset since the moment of New Year.


We are now in a new, parallel, holographic timeline where EVERYONE at this frequency range IS choosing to WAKE UP – there are no longer any beings directly involved in our reality who are choosing a descending timeline, even if they may appear to still be in your personal reality and on your personal timeline.

This new phase and new dawn has shifted us into a new frequency and vibrational range, which has created a brand new multidimensional opening for humanity.

Essentially, the Sun is a NEW SUN (Solaris) and the Earth is a NEW Earth (Gaia).

This new Sun’s rays shine the light to illuminate our path and clarify our journey.

Now, new light rays from the Sun of God, ie, Solaris, and the New Crystaline Grid from within Mother Earth ~ Gaia (thank YOU Gridworkers!) combine and intertwine with intergalactic frequencies and codes (many of which have been activated within US – see here for more intel on this subject) which hold and emanate Divine Source Consciousness and which are streaming into the planet like never before and even better, are now fully and completely anchoring us into this timeline.

All of humanity has been energetically realigned into a new and different time-space continuum and into a brand new phase of consciousness expansion where the inevitable future for ALL BEINGS who continue on this timeline will see the future reveal itself as a Spiritual Playground for ALL BEINGS.

Indeed, The First Planetary Phase and much of the Second Planetary Phase of Ascension and The Ascension Timelines are now COMPLETE!

(…and, yes, needless to say, there are more phases ahead)

Through our continued free will choice of expansion into alignment with God-Source Consciousness, our future is assured…It is indeed Mother Earth’s destiny….and it is ours too, provided that we continue to choose it.

We have always been here, however, at this juncture in linear time, the rules of the old, patriarchal reality are no longer in place and no longer effective, even if humans are still attempting (albeit unconsciously) to play out old timeline scenarios based on 3rd Dimensional fears and constructs that they have yet to heal and resolve….in other words, you can never again be forced to do or believe anything against your free will, but you do have to get conscious.

In fact, all humans are now being required by way of immersion to become more and more conscious. To put this in other words, by being repeatedly exposed to higher truths, again and again, regardless of the old paradigm and the former reality and old former beliefs and constructs, humans are being massively directed towards higher and higher states of expansion of consciousness.

Can you say: Get ready for Disclosure on a Massive Scale…?

This reset will in turn trigger a rapid-fire process of acceleration which is going to intensify the human awakening experience, ie, the human drama, while simultaneously reconnecting us to higher, lighter truths, and reuniting us energetically with higher and lighter frequencies.

The key is to continue to let go of the old and stabilize your frequency within your Heart center as well as activating and awakening your dormant DNA and the dormant Key Codes within you. This will be even more of an essential component for flourishing into the future timeline of Unity Consciousness.

The remainder of the second wavers and the first set of third wavers are still on schedule to ‘wake up and shift’, as we continue to utilize more and more of our right brains and also more and more of our heart centers…

Without question, as we continue this metamorphic process of realignment with our heart centers and our multidimensional potential, ALL of HUMANITY on THIS TIMELINE WILL AWAKEN to Unity Consciousness.

“With guiltless release I let the past go, it is in the perfection of today that I remake my life” ~ Almine

Please join us to learn, grow, evolve, heal, activate and realign even more during our next Ascension, Manifestation & Healing Circle:



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