Welcome to SHUMEI… “Creating Paradise on Earth!”

Welcome to SHUMEI… “Creating Paradise on Earth!”

I’ve been a member of Shumei for almost four years now an I must confess that I have NEVER belonged to a more WONDERFUL organization! 😀 At 5am on New Year’s Eve 2014 I woke-up and was Divinely guided to write down some ideas and “visions” that had been accumulating in my mind for months! I ended-up with a very complex and intricate SHUMEI GROWTH CHART, which defined many new and already existing Shumei activities and businesses which could create enough income for SHUMEI AMERICA to become totally self-sustainable! I am very pleased that this chart has become the foundation for SHUMEI AMERICA’S strategic growth in the United States, and I am committed to helping to achieve that Divinely inspired vision! 😀 The remaining part of this year will be spent on creating and establishing the ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE that will support the aggressive growth that was proposed in that Divine “vision” on December 31st, 2014.

I was very pleased to find this wonderful 8-minute video about SHUMEI when I visited the new website for SHUMEI AMERICA at www.SHUMEI.US. I hope that YOU enjoy it as much as I did! 😀



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