For the past two weeks, I’ve been diligently reading the COMPLETE CONVERSATIONS OF GOD by Neale Walsch and have just finished Book #2! And all I have to say is WOW, WOW, WOW! 😀 In the Book #1 GOD answers just about ALL of the questions we have about why OUR PERSONAL lives are the way that they are, but book #2 answers many of the questions that we have had about WHY the WORLD is the way that it is, and GOD suggests such DYNAMIC and INGENIOUS SOLUTIONS, that I’m sure if we started to implement them on a GLOBAL SCALE that our world would change DRASTICALLY for the better for ALL people within two years or LESS! 😀

So, when I was divinely led by SPIRIT a few days ago to finding all three audio books on YOU TUBE, I literally “jumped for JOY” because now the non-readers and readers alike can EXPERIENCE God’s TRUTH without ANY interference, or “interpretation” by others! In other words, get the TRUTH straight from GOD’S MOUTH, so to speak! How EXCITING is that? 😀

When I first started reading and sharing the information in Book #1 to my friends and others, one of my friends asked, “Well, how do you know that GOD is talking, and not just the AUTHOR speaking from “his” imagination?” And at that moment, all I had to go on was my FEELINGS that everything I was reading in that book was the TRUTH! The next day, I woke-up with that question still in my mind, and I immediately thought, that I needed to MUSCLE TEST IT! 😀 I can (and you can too) find out the truth about almost ANYTHING(no future stuff) with a simple MUSCLE TESTING SWAY TEST, and I immediately did a Sway Test while holding the book next to my heart, and asked, “Is this book filled with the TRUTH?”…and I gently swayed FORWARD. I then asked, “Is GOD really speaking to the author, Neale Walsch, in all of these books?”… and again I swayed FORWARD, indicating “YES”! 😀 I thought to myself, “I should have just did the sway test yesterday when she asked me that question!” But I guess I was too excited to “think”!

UNFORTUNATELY, the Publisher has forced the removal of every YOUTUBE Conversations With God AUDIOBOOKS versions that I have discovered over the years, however, YOU can LISTEN to the MP3 files of BOOK #1, 2 AND 3, by emailing me at with the “SUBJECT” = CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD, and in the body include your name and email address, so that I can invite you to my DROP BOX files. By the way, if you don’t already have a FREE DROP BOX ACCOUNT, go and create one now, so that you can have access to the three CWG files! 😀

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