Healthy Food For All Project is Launched By Shumei America

Healthy Food For All Project is Launched By Shumei America


September 1, 2017, Los Angeles, CA – The Shumei America National Center announced today that it will officially launch the 1st Annual “HEALTHY FOOD FOR ALL” Project with the free distribution of over 3 tons of its premiere Natural Agriculture Jasmine Rice directly to under-served citizens in Watts, as well as non-profit organizations who feed disadvantaged and homeless residents within Los Angeles County.  This rice will be distributed to the Harbor Interfaith Services, which feeds over 9,000 Homeless people each year, and the Watts Towers Arts Center, which has been protecting the Watts Towers and serving the Watts Community for over 57 years, and is located in a long-time “food desert”, where people have to sometimes travel miles outside of their neighborhood to find desired fresh Organic produce.

Shumei America’s Executive Director, Eugene Imai, says “Everyone deserves to eat healthy food, and because we have been blessed with our rice farmer harvesting a tremendously abundant crop of this superior Natural Agriculture Jasmine rice, it felt right to share our abundance with as many people as possible, as well as to encourage them to pay more attention to eating healthy food!  Furthermore, the Healthy Food For All Project is an expansion of our summer Healthy Food For Youth Program, where we have supplied free Jasmine rice this year to three of the Shumei Summer Youth Camps in the state of Delaware, in Crestone, Colorado, and in Santa Cruz, California.”

NATURAL AGRICULTURE is a sustainable farming method that goes beyond organic—meaning no pesticides, fertilizers, or animal manure. More than just a farming method, Natural Agriculture is a way of life that’s centered around love and care for farmer, food, earth, and eater.  One of Shumei America’s long-term goals is for Natural Agriculture Food to be on every table.

The Watts Towers Arts Center will be distributing ONE TON of the Natural Agriculture Jasmine rice in 2-pound bags to their community for two days at the Watts Towers Drum and Jazz Festivals being held on Saturday, September 30th, and Sunday, October 1st, 2017, respectively, at 1727 E. 107th Street, Los Angeles 90002.  For information about other distribution points and organizations offering free special meals prepared using this nutritious Jasmine Rice, please call 626-584-8841.

Contact: Sandy Traverso

Title: Office Administrator

Telephone: 626-584-8841

Fax: 626-584-8846


Address Shumei National Center, 2430 East Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena, CA 91107



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